Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Good news, I'm back blogging! I have been so busy with studying, maybe you remember, but I started at university some weeks ago and it has been a lot of work, but now I am settled in and used to all the work I can start combining it with blogging again. To start I still wanted to show you this dress I bought in America and the pictures were shot at our hotel in Miami Beach. With all the wind and rain outside, I miss that place. The dress is from Forever 21 and luckily for me there's going to be a Forever 21 in Amsterdam!

And now I'm back, I hope you'll follow me because I have a lot of stuff planned for you! 
Instagram @fashionstiletto

 Dress  -  Forever 21
Sandals  -  Frida
Sunglasses  -  Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. Lucky you! have a great time and show us more pictures!


  2. Cute dress hun love the simplicity of the outfit how you didnt over style the loud print o the dress very cute! and looks like you had an amazingg time I miss the sun:( Haha xoxo

  3. Prachtige foto's en erg leuk jurkje! Welkom terug ;)

  4. Looks beautiful and relaxing!



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