Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perfect summer dress

Say hello to my new dress from Sugarlips. I think it's the perfect dress for summer when going out for a party or having dinner. It's sexy because of the front and the lace back but because of the shape (and lace ofcourse) very chique. I combined it only with my burgundy heels and red nails because I think the dress doesn't need any more jewellery or anything. It's a jewellery piece on it's own. You can find it here! And ofcourse it's not only perfect for summer, in colder days you can wear it with tights or with a jacket.

The next time I'm going to wear this dress will be in very different, beautiful places. Places I can't wait to go and can't wait to show you. Already excited? :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sushi dinner

Yesterday night I went out for a sushi dinner because the parents of my boyfriend were married 25 years. So that was a big reason to celebrate! I was wearing an all black look with pops of colour in my accessoires, a camel bracelet, purple ring, white earrings, red nailpolish and burgundy heels.

This post is also the first outfit post shot with my new camera Nikon 1. What do you think about it? 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nikon 1

 Do you remember I told you about me being spoiled by my family because of passing my exams? Well, as you can guess by the titel of this post, I got the best present ever. A present I never ever expected to get. The Nikon 1 camera. It makes the most beautiful pictures, so I can post even better pictures on the blog. And not just the pictures themselves are pretty, also the camera! It's white and small. It's like a big reflex camera, but small and with the same quality of pictures. I'm in heaven. It's also very convenient because I can  take it everywhere, without having a big big camera on my neck. It's also perfect on my big amazing vacation that's coming soon.

Yesterday, I took some pictures to get to know this camera. With the lack of photographers around me, no outfit post, but some pictures that will show you the reason why I'm so happy with this gift.
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