Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monaco Day 3 and Buddha Bar

This day we went for an early walk. Eating the best chocolate croissant that I've ever eaten, we go there everytime when were in Monaco, it's at a small market in France near Monaco. After that we just walked through the small streets Monaco offers, I love that so much, so many sweet little houses that I would love to live in! A girl can dream. At night we went for dinner and after that we went to the Buddha Bar, I had never been there before but I'm so glad we went, it's so beautiful! The place is very big but still very cosy with a giant Buddha in the middle, I love it! And we had the most fun cocktails. My boyfriend had an electric blue one and I had a funny one.. Passion fruit and pineapple juice, lemonade and bubblegum sirop! I was so curious, I just had to take that one. But eventually it was good that I did, because it tasted so good! So if you're in Monaco, go to the Buddha Bar! 

 Such a beautiful view from the Fairmont Hotel
 Buddha Bar, Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it was very hard to shoot in the dark.

 I found this picture on google, just to give you a better impression!


  1. Nice photos and place! I´m following you too darling!:)

  2. love it!

  3. Amazing photos and lovely outfit!
    Great blog, do you wanna follow each others?:)



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